New Product Range: All Natural | Vegan | Certified Organic

Introducing our exciting new product range: All-Natural | Vegan | Certified Organicorganic vegan natural products facials clarity wellness north adelaide 


We are so pleased to now stock a luxurious, affordable and absolutely amazing certified organic and vegan range of skincare products, exclusively formulated for professional clinics and spas. You have no-doubt noticed all of the Clarity family glowing (and gloating!) about our new products, so today we wanted to share with you a little more about organicspa.


When looking for a new skincare range for Clarity (for both retail and for use in our facials), we sought to find something that really fit with our ethos. An Australian company who is ethical, ecological, passionate, highly effective and, importantly; affordable.


We are SO pleased to have discovered and now stock organicspa (and by the amount of orders we have already had to make to refill our shelves, you are too!!!)


We now offer a range specialised Signature Facials, with specifically tailored targeted solutions for your individual skin type, using only the finest of ingredients for really measurable results.


We thought we’d share with you a bit about organicspa, a range which was formulated using over 30 years experience developing natural and organic skin care products.

organicspa’s key belief is to create luxury products through nature. Developed in the pristine shire of Byron Bay Australia, each product combines locally sourced ingredients with extracts sourced from fair trade suppliers around the world. Our environmental footprint is also considered with eco-friendly packaging that is not only recyclable but in some cases the components are biodegradable. The exclusive range has been formulated using the best nature offers with vitamins, oils and actives that ensure each product and treatment are results-driven. organicspa is your guarantee of purity.


Certified Vegan + Organic


With the attainment of organic certification by an independent approved body the OFC and vegan assessed by the UK Vegan Society, the range is made using the finest certified organic extracts

organic vegan natural products facials clarity wellness north adelaide

combined with 100 % naturally derived ingredients.


Every organicspa product is built with a purpose, just like in nature. Each ingredient is synergistically put together to achieve results on the skin while ensuring each product meets strict certification standards.


All organicspa products are certified with either the ACO or the OFC, both independent government audited bodies.

The basics of certification is that each formula has been accredited to have the below:

Min of 70% -> 95% certified organic

All other ingredients are 100% naturally derived. Your guarantee of purity.

The complete organicspa collection has a minimum of 70% certified organic content.

It is important to understand the balance between product effectiveness and organic content. organicspa ethos is to put effectiveness first, ensuring each product has results on the skin. This is done with key ingredients with scientific results and organic ingredients which have no use of pesticides and fertilizers in the growing of the plant, flower or produce.




As with all aspects of wellbeing, at Clarity we want you to feel knowledgeable, inspired and empowered. We want you to take great care of your body, and your skin is a very important part of that! So choosing a product range that you could comfortably invest in to take home and use was a high priority. This range of products is highly effective and incredibly affordable (as an example, the moisturiser retails at $34.95!)¬† We’re so glad you’re loving the range as much as we are.


Great for sensitive skin


Many reactions, redness, sensitivities can be caused by chemicals, such as fragrance and parabens. Choosing organic helps to eliminate these unnecessary ingredients, creating a safe, effective product from the best that nature can offer.


We believe, that through the rigorous certification process of our manufacturing plant, all ingredients and approved formulas, together with random audits from the independent government approved certifiers, we offer a true certified organic product unlike many offered in the current market.


It’s also about what is¬†NOT¬†included


Excluding the following ingredients from our formulations puts us ahead in current world certification standards, other governing bodies are open to allowing synthetic or nature identical raw materials into their cosmetic products.

  • NO Mineral Oil
  • NO Silicones
  • NO Sythetic Parabens
  • NO PEG
  • NO SLES or SLSorganic vegan natural products facials clarity wellness north adelaide
  • NO Fragrance
  • NO Phthalates
  • NO GMO
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NO Artificial Colours
  • NO Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax
  • NO Propylene Glycol
  • NO Ethanolamines
  • NO Polycyclic Musks
  • NO Synthetic Retinol
  • NO Synthetic Dye
  • NO Animal by-products
  • NO Animal testing
  • NO Nature identical
  • NO Chemical Synthesised Sunscreens
  • NO Polysorbates


Low ecological footprint


Part of our ethos is to ensure our products have a low ecological footprint, as such we have chosen environmentally friendly packaging to help us achieve this, with:

  • Biodegradable tubes.
  • 100% recyclable bottles.
  • Recycled paper and bags.
  • Solar powered facility¬†insuring¬†products are manufactured by the sun.
  • Encouraging more organic¬†faming¬†practices.
  • Supporting local farms & suppliers wherever is possible.
  • Member & award winner of NSW Sustainability Program.
  • Excess cardboard & packaging is offered to community services.
  • Sustainability and environmental practices.

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