Your Guide to Glowing Skin in Spring

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Your Guide to Glowing Skin in Spring

While we’ve enjoyed spending the last three months in hibernation, perfecting our cosy, air-conditioned, electric blanketed winter nook, we are happy to welcome in lighter & brighter mornings, beautiful spring blooms & newly hatched fuzzy ducklings wandering the banks of the River Torrens.

Spring is traditionally a time for renewal, rebirth & reawakening. As our outside environment begins to change, there is a need to prepare ourselves for it. We don’t just spontaneously emerge from our caves of cosiness ready to face the harsh Aussie sun; there’s a transition period. The body needs time to adjust & adapt to the changing seasons. In terms of looking after our skin, this is the perfect time for a facial treatment!


We’ve just spent a good few months hauled up in pretty dehydrating indoor environments; the effect of which is most apparent in the condition of our skin. Dry, dull, lacklustre & ready for some tender love & nourishment, our skin needs a deep cleanse & exfoliation… and, no, we’re not talking about lathering on a concoction of harsh chemicals to strip & stress out our skin even more. We’re talking about a natural – but, importantly, effective – treatment to get our skin prepped to receive some well-deserved hydration.

Enter Y-Natural Skincare

We searched high & low to find a skincare range that not only ticked all the boxes in terms of quality of ingredients & a compatible company ethos, but one that actually worked…& we found it. Better than that, it just so happened to be in our backyard! Y-Natural is South Australian made & owned, certified organic & certified cruelty free & with absolutely NO silicone ingredients, NO petrochemical ingredients, NO synthetic alcohols, NO paraben preservatives, NO artificial colours or fragrances.

Think pure plant extracts and oils that have been carefully selected for their natural skin benefits; Frankincense to protect & fortify ageing skin, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) to heal, soothe & restore chapped & cracked skin, & Rosalina – as well as other members of the Myrtaceae (Tea Tree) family –  for their antiseptic qualities.

You will not find a purer skin care on earth. We are delighted to use these luxurious products in our Clarity facials & couldn’t think of a better way to get our glow on for balmy cocktail nights ahead!

To learn more about Y-Natural Skincare, head to our Organic Facials page, as well as checking out the Y-Natural website.

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