Why Start a Meditation Practice?

Why start a meditation practice?

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There are many reasons that people engage in a meditation practice; to reduce stress, calm anxiety, rest & restore, encourage peak performance or quieten a busy mind. The list is endless…
Meditation fundamentally allows us to connect to ourselves. We have become disconnected from our own being and more connected through bluetooth, wifi and social media. We have lost touch with our thoughts, emotions and most importantly our breath. Too often allowing them to run wild or not be conscious of them at all.
Through meditation we take back control of astray thoughts, reactions to internal and external happenings, and find a place of peace; an inner sanctuary if you like, that allows us to be free of expectations, deadlines and the ego.
Studies show that just 20 minutes of meditation can have the same effect on the brain and body as 4hours sleep!! Imagine what 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening could do for you?
Jason’s meditation classes are a marriage of Mindfulness and Spiritual Healing. He creates a space for you to tap into your body, feel into your energy and emotions and to clear your body (physically & energetically) of all that no longer serves you.
All whilst being bathed in blissful music, essential oils, and tibetan singing bowls.
Breathe – Connect – Discover – Heal 
Click here to book your moment of calm at a Wednesday 7:00pm class with Jason.
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