Strong Muscles for Strong Bones

How does getting strong muscles lead to strong and healthy bones?

weightsThis is where the EP Movement Studio excels! We love strength training and in particular strength training for beginners and those with bone density issues.

When I explain to clients in their pre-class screening that we will be lifting weights …heavy weights, as part of their bone density management it is often met with confusion and concern.

I get it, we’re often told to be careful with certain activities if we’ve been given a diagnosis of low bone density or Osteoporosis. It can be not only confusing but also very confronting, especially if you’ve never lifted weights before in your life. That’s where our specialised classes and expert guidance come in.

Our bones are living tissues and therefore respond to stimulus from the rest of our body. So how does strength training also strengthen bones… isn’t it for muscles?

Yes! However our muscles attach to our bones (via tendons) and when we are using our muscles they contract, squeeze and pull on their tendon-bone attachments. This is how we are able to move our bodies!

When we lift heavy weights we place greater forces through these attachments to bones. Our bones then respond to this greater force by maintaining or improving strength.

This is why weight-baring exercise, like strength training, is such an important part of creating and maintain strong bones throughout our lives.

If you want guidance on correct, safe & effective exercise for your bone health make an appointment to see the Exercise Physiologists in the EP Movement Studio here at Clarity – they know bones!

Erin Parish, AEP


To learn more about Erin’s specialised classes for bone health, head to her website: https://epexercisephysiology.com.au/

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