Tactics for Managing Headaches

Are you holding the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Sitting is the new smoking, and as you eagerly type away on that executive summary, finalise the budget report or prepare your presentation; your body is crying out with aches and pains.

Stress headaches can stem from a number of causes, but the majority are from those poor tired muscles in your shoulders working so hard to keep your head up amidst the fray!

Next time you find yourself rolling your head, grabbing your shoulders or arching your back at your desk with a grimace, take the time to: Stop. Stretch. Breath. Hydrate.

Remember, those aches are your body singing out to you “Remember us! We’re struggling here!” you have to nurture and support your body so it can continue to support your work and deadlines.

Clarity offers services and workshops which teach useful strategies to help you Stop. Stretch. Breathe. Hydrate, and be the most productive you.

This print out can be stuck above your desk to remind you to take that time! Simply right click “Save image as” and away you go.



by Sarah Watson, Managing Director of Clarity Wellness Centre


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