Tanya’s Top Aromatherapy Tips & Blends

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Today, much-loved Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist Tanya Holliday offers us some aromatherapy tips and her 2 fave blends!

Tip #1 – Bergamot is a great oil to use if you get cold sores and/or mouth ulcers. Place a couple of drops on a cotton bud and apply directly to affected area.

Tip # 2 – Australian sandalwood has been proven to have stronger antibacterial and antimicrobial content than the India variety. Australian sandalwood’s antibacterial properties equal those of tea tea oil. It is also an emollient, therefore making it a better go-to oil for acne, as it won’t dry your skin out *use as a spot treatment only*.


Aromatherapy Blends:


Zesty Mood Booster Blend


Sound Asleep

Lavender is commonly used in ‘typical’ sleep blends, but for those who don’t like this scent, here’s a nice woody alternative. Also can be used for meditation and yoga, and can help to reduce stress and anxiety.


Ylang ylang can also be added to this blend to tone down the woody smell. Just be careful how many drops you add as ylang ylang can overpower a lot of other oils. Place a drop on either side of your pillow at night or, even better, if you have a diffuser, put some drops in and use throughout the night.


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