Welcome, Christina Dyer (AKA: “Stine”)

Welcome, Christina Dyer (AKA: “Stine”)

Christina Dyer Massage Therapist Clarity Wellness Centre North Adelaide

We have welcomed a new Massage Therapist to the #clarityfamily


Clarity Community; meet Christina AKA ‘Stine’ (pronounced ‘Stine’)! Who has started hands-on-bods last week, and is already getting rave reviews!

Stine is a grounded, warm and calming presence with a strong but nurturing touch


You can read more about her story and approach here, but today we thought we’d share with you some of the feedback she’s received so far (don’t just believe me!)


Our very own massage magician Heather had a sesh with Stine and said: “She’s amazing I loveeed it ”


Our admin queens have had the opportunity to have sessions last week, too!


Julia reckons: “She’s awesome! Firm! Lovely warm touch! She has a great natural talent & a calming energy. Excellent chats! She is one of our people!”


Aaaaand Josephine said: “Awesome! She’s so firm and has a great style. Got into all those niggly spots and she’s super knowledgeable. Felt like I was floating once I was off the table I can think of 1000 clients that would love her style!!”


Wanna get yourself some time with Stine? She is consulting on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons/evenin

gs and Saturdays.



We are endeavouring to make our services accessible to a broader range of people. Stine is a Massage Therapist (not a Remedial Therapist), so sessions cannot be claimed on Private Health (which is excellent for those who don’

t have it, as the sessions are at a reduced rate!)


BUT don’t be fooled, you’re not gonna receive a run-of-the-mill fluffy ‘relaxation massage’ – the gal’s got a great strong touch!


You can find appointments with Stine under “Massage Therapy” when booking online, these sessions are offered at a reduced rate to our remedial sessions.

AS always, if you would like some more ‘clarity’, feel free to contact our admin queens on 08 8239 0

575 or drop us a line at hello@claritywellness.com.au.


Welcome to the family, Stine!

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