Sarah Kibble Remedial Massage Therapist Clarity Wellness North Adelaide

Welcome to the Clarity Family, Sarah Kibble (RMT)

Welcome to the family, Sarah K!


Sarah Kibble Remedial Massage Therapist Clarity Wellness North Adelaide

When I first met Sarah, I was taken by her warmth, humour, grounded-ness and calm. An experienced therapist with over 13 years in the industry, Sarah is also an amazing Gardener and Horticulturalist. We feel so privileged that she has decided to come back to her roots in bodywork, and will be joining us here in the #clarityfamily! 

~ Sarah Watson (Clarity Director)

Today, we find out more about Sarah K, our newest team member:


Who I am…..

Sarah gained her Diploma in Remedial Massage while studying Sport Science, giving her 13 years experience in the massage and fitness industry. Now studying Acupuncture, Sarah is finding that all 3 worlds are combing to offer well rounded perspectives on bodywork and wellbeing, one’s that she wished she knew way back when! Now that her competitive powerlifting days are over, Sarah competes with herself in extreme gardening and finds getting her feet and hands in the soil great at staying grounded. Being a mother of a tween and wife of a teacher, the realness of everyday living and how to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing are an integral aspect of treatments.


Why I do massage…….

The benefits that massage contributes as part of maintaining health and wellbeing is what motivates Sarah to provide caring, thorough treatments with realistic outcomes. Movement is paramount to maintaining health and massage is another form of ‘moving meditation’ where time can almost stand still for just that moment to aid in your body recovering and your mind refreshing, leaving you to feel free in movement and get on with all that life offers you.


What I love to treat……

Overuse/Repetitive Strain injury

Knees, ankles, wrists are areas of interest but treating the body as a whole to gain all over muscle balance and pain free range of motion is the ‘common goal’


How I do it + what to expect……

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage – adjusted to suit the individual

Myofascial Release Therapy & Cupping

Indian Head Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Facilitated Stretching & exercise prescription

Garden advice ;-P


When: Sarah K practices Tuesday 2pm – 8:30pm, Wednesday 9am – 2pm & Thursday 2pm – 8:30pm.


Special Session Prices*: 60min Massage $90 (save$14), 90min Massage $130 (save $20)




*A NOTE ON PRIVATE HEALTH: Sarah Kibble is a very experienced practitioner of 13+ years, and we feel privileged to have her on the team!  Sarah is currently updating the administration for her qualifications and during this time she cannot offer Private Health Rebates for appointments. Appointment fees with Sarah have been reduced on account of this. This is a great opportunity for those of you whose cover has expired, or those who do not have Private Health Cover, to experience amazing treatment at a reduced rate!

Sarah Watson

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