Welcome to Clarity, Julia!

Allow us to introduce the newest (not-so-new?) member to Clarity: Julia!

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Julia may be new to the reception desk, but she is no newcomer to Clarity. As Sarah’s third ever client on her very first day of practice, she has been an important part of Clarity for many years & is delighted to now join the team.

With a background in hospitality & cheffing, she has a keen interest in health & nutrition, & you can look forward to seeing some of her recipes featured on the Clarity blog (search ‘recipes’ to find her latest creations).

This year marks a seachange of sorts, as Julia ventures out of the kitchen & into the world of Pilates. Looking to improve posture & core strength – & upon Sarah’s suggestion – Julia began Pilates classes & there found her passion. She is currently completing her Pilates Instructor Training & encourages everyone to make best friends with their foam roller!

You can find Julia (wo)maning the desk-ship: Monday – Saturday, whipping up delicious brews of tea and managing the clinic with warmth and consideration. Do say hello!

Welcome, Jules!

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