Welcome to Sol Space Pilates + Movement

Experience the transformative power of movement in a safe, nurturing space that recognises the body’s capacity for change + honours its need for balance.

sol space mat pilates at clarity massage and wellness centre

Joseph Pilates referred to his method as “the complete coordination of mind, body + spirit.” It’s not just about ‘going for the burn,’ it’s about how you feel on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, + beyond. It is a dialogue – a connection – between all aspects of self. You can tell what is working, what isn’t, imbalances in the body, mental blocks, emotional pulls… Pilates offers the willing student precious moments of self-reflection + an opportunity for self-improvement. The exercises don’t necessarily become easier; as you progress you delve deeper into the nuances of each + learn how they relate to, + build upon, each other. Pilates is a continual process of refinement.

sol space mat pilates and clarity massage and wellness centre

Our classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level students. A deliberate to moderate pace allows the student the opportunity to connect to the work more deeply, with time taken to explore each exercise + its variations. Small apparatus may be used to assist or challenge the body in different planes of motion + modifications are given so that the student can work at his/her own level of challenge. Each class begins with awareness + centring, moves through foundational exercises + into more advanced repertoire, + concludes with stretching + relaxation. You will feel like you’ve worked out, but in a mindful + intelligent way. Read more…

sol space mat pilates at clarity massage and wellness centre

We run our Monday, Wednesday & Saturday morning classes at Clarity Wellness Centre. Located in the green leafy streets of North Adelaide, Clarity offers a welcoming + nurturing space for students. With wooden floors, high ceilings, beautiful natural light + the subtle scent of natural essential oils, the classroom is equipped with everything you need for your session. Class sizes are kept intentionally small so as to allow us the greatest opportunity to meet the needs of each student. Feel free to arrive early to unwind with a little pre-class foam rolling +/or enjoy a revitalising herbal tea post-sesh to ease into the rest of your day.

sol space mat pilates at clarity massage and wellness centre

What you will learn:

– The Pilates Principles

– Core activation

– Proper body alignment

– The importance of breath + how to use breath to enhance movement

– How to use small apparatus


What you will gain:

– Core + overall body strength

– Improved joint mobility + stability

– Balance + coordination

– Elegance + efficiency of movement

– Body awareness + confidence

– Stress relief

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