Welcome, Tori Bowes (Naturopath)

naturopathy at clarity tori bowesWelcome, Tori Bowes (Naturopath)

We are SO thrilled to welcome Tori to the team, who will be consulting at Clarity as of April.

We will have much more to share then, but for now, get to know a little bit about Tori:

Tori is a degree qualified fertility and women’s health naturopath and functional medicine practitioner. She is passionate about supporting people to reach their own unique health goals and loves sharing her extensive knowledge on natural fertility, health and wellbeing. Tori has a passion for supporting and empowering women through their life cycle and has developed a unique approach that optimises and balances hormones naturally.

She is a strong believer in holistic health and the healing power of nature.  Tori loves encouraging personal empowerment through changing diet and lifestyle to improve happiness, quality of life and personal satisfaction

Tori is compassionate and supportive, guiding each individual to find the path to healing that is right for them. Her knowledge, genuine interest and commitment to improving her clients makes her highly sought after. Tori treats clients using a mind-body approach…… looking at the body, its environment and its mindset (beliefs and attitudes). Often this requires a combination of healing the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Tori’s work and her family nourish and sustain her when they are kept in balance and she gifts herself the necessary self care that is required to give 100% to both. This has formed the basis of her approach to women’s health and fertility. She has great compassion for women who want to become mothers yet also wish to retain something of themselves.

Many individuals and couples come to Tori for her unique approach to supporting all aspects of hormonal balance and fertility. Whilst other patients are seeking relief from the challenges that arise after creating a family – often mums who need to be nourished and supported themselves, so that they can give back to their family and be the mum they know they can be and look after the kids in the way that they aspire to.

Taking a highly personalised and holistic approach, Tori offers bespoke preconception and pregnancy programmes, lifestyle, diet and nutritional advice, diagnostic testing for fertility issues, and provides evidence based treatments using medicinal herbs, supplements and meditations.

Through the birth of her own children, Jules and Angus her knowledge, interest and passion for women’s and children’s health has deepened. As a mother, partner, daughter, sister and friend I am humbled and grateful to give other women the tools and resources they need to help themselves thrive and to nurture and nourish their own family too.

To evolve her story of best practice and evidence based treatments Tori can be found frequenting seminars working to build upon her existing knowledge of fertility, women’s hormones, children’s health and adrenal dysfunction.

Tori holds a Bachelor of Health Science and is a member of the Complimentary Medicines Association.


Private Health

As a Nutritionist, Tori is a Private Health Provider.

The below funds continue to register providers for nutrition consultations:

  • Australian Health Management (AHM)
  • Australian Unity
  • Medibank Private
  • NIB (incorporating)
  • AAMI Health Insurance
  • APIA Health Insurance
  • Grand United
  • QANTAS Assure
  • Suncorp Health Insurance


Let’s talk!

If your hormones are out of balance, you are wanting to prepare your body for pregnancy, or just want to thrive instead of survive, Tori would like to offer you a FREE 15 minute discovery call.

It is a perfect introduction especially if you’re a busy woman and you’re ready to get your health back and truly shine.


Click here to book in with Tori


For all other queries contact Tori on 0433 306 468  / Email: toriamail@gmail.com

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