Your Yoga Questions, Answered!

yoga adelaide, remedial massage adelaide, acupuncture adelaide, clarity wellnessHave you thought about trying yoga but got stopped in your tracks by FEAR?

Often, we can build the unknown into something it’s not. Like when you stay up all night studying for a test – on your tenth cup of instant coffee, curled up into a ball, anxious, jittery & erratic – only to ace it the next day. A pleasant surprise, but an awful lot of wasted energy! For some, visiting a new place or starting something new can attract similar feelings of anxiety… Don’t let contemplating taking a Clarity yoga class get your tights in a twist! Sit back, relax, grab a cuppa & allow us to put your mind at ease, as we BUST some of the most common misconceptions about taking a yoga class!

‘I’ve never done anything like this before.’

Our teachers are down to earth, warm, friendly and entirely approachable who will make sure you are safe, comfortable and considered during your class. They’ll give you a run down of what’s to happen, and will guide you through step by step. No challenging choreography to remember, we’ll take you through.

‘It’s for girls’

Sure, yoga is for girls… but it’s also for guys! Many lads get their flex & flow on in the Clarity classroom. We have a wonderful male instructor – Sam – to bring some male energy into the space.

‘But I don’t have the latest Lulu/Lorna gold leopard compression tights!’

WHO CARES?! We keep it real. And comfy. We love our tracky dacks! We want you to come as you are, no fancy gear required. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! But this is a zero-judgement space for people to come and explore their bodies and enjoy it, and what you wear has nought to do with it.

‘I ‘m not flexible, I can’t even touch my toes.’

You know what!? Neither can I*! That’s one of the many reasons we come to yoga – so we can work on releasing some of our tight muscles, and enjoy exploring our body as we do so. *Sarah, who is working on getting there, centimetre by centimetre……it’s no biggie!

‘I don’t know my tadasana from my vrksasana.’

Say whaaaaat? When we’re in the zone, words can go over our head….particularly when they’re unfamiliar. That’s fine. Our classes our intentionally kept to small numbers (max 10) and run at a very comfortable pace so your teacher can guide you through. We watch & learn. And we do what we can.

‘I’m not into “spiritual stuff”.’

That’s okay, yoga is about the practice of moving your body and tuning into your breath. For some people, that may mean the movement of energy through their chakras, for others it’s the respiratory action of air through your pleura. Whatever your belief system, yoga is for everyone!

‘What if I fart?! ‘

Well, it probably means you’ve really nailed that pose and engaged (perhaps over engaged….) your pelvic floor! Props to you! We’re all human, who make human noises. Whilst you are a unique being…..your farts aren’t THAT special to be noticed. Sorry.

‘I don’t want to go alone.’

Clarity is a very welcoming environment of people from all walks of life, degrees of experience, shape, size, ability and age. We encourage friendly communication (and a few hearty belly laughs) but you’re more than welcome to bring a friend – or make some sweet new ones!

‘I don’t have a mat’. 

No problem! All equipment is provided (mats, bolsters, blocks, cushions, blankets) for you to simply rock up and enjoy your class. Just bring yourself in some comfy clothes, an open mind and no judgement (for yourself, or others!). We have plenty of space for you to change if you are coming to or from work.

Hopefully this helps to ease some pre-yoga class worries! If you have any questions at all or if there’s anything else you’re unsure/nervous about, you’re surely not the first to have thought it, so please drop us a line and ask – we’re here to support you find your own sense of wellbeing and to feel warm and welcomed whilst doing so.

To learn more about our yoga classes & instructors here at Clarity, click here!

Love, Sarah & Julia – Clarity Management Team (and Yoga Newbies!)

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