Yoga with Sam

Flow and Restore Yoga with Sam on Friday’s at 6:30pm


We’re excited to introduce Sam, the latest addition to the Clarity family. Sam will be offering hatha and vinyasa style yoga classes aimed to nurture and nourish all who step onto the mat. Movement has been his medicine and he hopes to share his interest in mind-body connection with all who take his classes.

His journey to the front of the classroom began through joyful creative flows. The stillness found in their wake left him captivated and wanting more. These qualities are found in his teaching style which involves rhythmic moving meditations intended to promote vitality and strength. Sam’s passion for seeking stillness ensures these uplifting movements are regularly balanced by a slowing to seated meditation.

Sam will initially be teaching a Friday night Flow and restore class. The first half of every class will be an opportunity for anyone and everyone to come along and shake off the weight of the week. After releasing some pent up energy the lights will dim and the pace will slow. Time will be spent on moving through some deeper, supported positions.

The boutique nature of Clarity’s welcoming new studio space lends itself brilliantly to this style of class. We at Clarity believe every body is beautiful and every body tells its own unique story. Class sizes will be kept intentionally small so as to allow Sam the greatest opportunity to create a space in which the needs of each individual are met. In addition, the studio provides a full array of props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks for no additional charge. Restorative style classes, such as the Friday night flow and restore, benefit immeasurably from having this equipment on hand.


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