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Clarity Christmas Gifts

Clarity Christmas Gifts (for the last-minute shopper)


Need to pick up a last-minute Christmas gift for a friend, family member or kris kringle? We’ve got you covered! We stock a range of nurturing gifts for every taste & budget, and we are open until 1pm on Christmas Eve!

Here are some of our top picks for Christmas:


Herbal Tea

Brewed By Belinda Herbal Tisanes ($25-$29)

We stock a range of organic tisanes from local award-winning boutique artisan tea company, Brewed by Belinda. Pack full of premium organic herbs, petals, peels, fruits & spices, these flavourful blends are designed to bring you calm, nourishment & creativity.



Soy Wax Candles

Clarity 100% Soy Wax Candles ($22.95 – 39.95)

Premium soy wax candles, locally made by Aromapot. Featuring a clean, minimalist design & evocative scents, these candles make a stylish decorative feature, as well as bringing comfort & joy to your living space.



Heat Bags

Wili Heat Bags ($16.95 – $52.50)

Effective & versatile heat bags with fun designs. These Adelaide-made heat bags are filled will low-odour lupin (a type of legume) & can be used hot or cold. Lupin bags don’t tend to develop a ‘cooked’ or ‘burnt’ smell over time like wheat bags can & also retain their heat longer, are lighter & don’t sweat when heated.  Wili Heat Bags are available in all sorts of shapes & sizes to suit everyone!


Essential Oils

Australian Body Pure Essential Oils + Blends ($8 – $30)

100% Pure, Natural & Ethically Sourced Essential Oils. The highest quality, affordable & Australian owned. Choose from single aromas or delight your senses with one of Australian Body’s carefully curated blends.



Herbal Tea

Clari-tea – Clarity’s Signature Spicy Tea ($29.95)

Our specialty spicy tea, full of spice, warmth, sweetness and fun. Clarity in a cup! It will stimulate digestion and flood your blood with warmth. It will awaken the senses and take you on a mini holiday (if only in your mind). Makes a wonderful iced beverage for warm summer days!



Organic Skincare

Organic Spa ($20 – $90)

Certified Organic skin and body care for a professional spa experience. Just like in nature, every organicspa product is built with a purpose. Unearth skincare enriched with the finest quality Certified Organic ingredients and therapeutic blends of natural plant extracts. The organicspa range is Certified Organic, Vegan, Sustainable and Cruelty Free.


Natural Beauty

Lük Beautifood – Australian Conscious Beauty ($30 – $40)

Cosmetics That Effortlessly Highlight Your Natural Beauty. Lük Beautifood create wearable cosmetics that create an effortless healthy glow that highlights not hides, giving you the courage to be and feel your most radiant self every single day. We stock Lük Beautifood Skin Glow Tints, Lip Crayons & Lip Nourish.



Oracle Cards

Eunoia – Daily Ritual Cards ($32.99)

EUNOIA [u-noi-a] ‘beautiful thinking; a well mind.’ Turn your routines into rituals; create a mindfulness practice out of the mundane. This immersive 36-card deck of goddesses has been created to help you bring intention & ritual into your day. Each goddess carries her own message, mantra,& ritual that you can connect to & practice with mindfulness & intention.


Natural Sprays

CŌMA Organics – Body & Space Mists ($29.95)

Organic mists made out the purest essential oils, infused with crystal vibration. CŌMA Organics mists carry soothing energy to encourage love & self-acceptance. Positive thoughts help you create positive vibes.  The mists support emotional & physical wellbeing & help you create the energy you desire.



We hope you enjoy our thoughtfully curated range of local wellbeing products. Christmas list, sorted!

We’re open until 1pm on Christmas Eve, and warmly invite you to pop in for a festive cuppa and last-minute browse 🙂




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