What is Remedial Massage?

If someone mentions massage therapy; you may think of a candle lit room, scented oils, an ocean soundtrack and a whimsical hippy called Sven. Whilst we can certainly provide you with this relaxing and soothing therapeutic experience (minus Sven!) – remedial massage therapy goes beyond this to provide you with longer lasting change and pain relief.

At Clarity, you will enjoy effective and professional remedial massage treatment in a nurturing setting (all our remedial treatments include beautiful aromatherapy hot towels, heated tables and soft fluffy towels!).

Remedialderived from the word “remedy” – means to ascertain what the problem is and remedy it = i.e; not just smear nice smelling oils all over your body. This does not necessarily mean that there will be gritting teeth and bearing through pain – the remedy for a certain pain may well be very gentle!

The Clarity team will work with you to discuss your treatment goals, the influence of ‘life’ on your body, teach you about your musculoskeletal system and it’s capabilities, and provide you ways to increase your benefits from treatment.

Your treatment will be tailored to your individual requirements, based on any current or old injuries, medical history and presenting issues, in consultation with your practitioner. Your session may involve one or a combination of the following remedial therapies.


Sports Massage

Utilising various techniques including deep tissue massage, draining, stretching and percussion, sports massage works to improve circulation & lymphatic flow, remove metabolic wastes, support training, prepare for events, recover from events and prevent injury. Sports massage is not just for professional sports people – weekend warriors to full time athletes can benefit greatly from it’s application.


Trigger Point Therapy

Also known as neuromuscular therapy, this treatment utilises specific application of finger pressure to certain ‘trigger points’ – chronic hyper-contractions and knots – to break chronic cycles of pain, spasm and adhesions. Relieving referral pain and easing issues such as headaches, lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Myofascial Cupping being used to treat a person at Clarity Massage and Wellness

Myofascial Cupping

As used by the soft tissue therapists, physios and trainers of the Australian Olympic team – the application of vacuum cups in conjunction with other remedial bodywork techniques is extremely beneficial for easing stiff and aching muscles, trigger points, fibrotic adhesions and for flushing toxins from tissues.


Relaxation Massage

Based on traditional Swedish techniques, oil relaxation massage involves flowing, long strokes to sooth and calm your muscles and mind. Gently easing away restricted soft tissue, whilst also calming your nervous system and supporting lymphatic drainage.


Pregnancy Massage

We specialise in Pregnancy Massage at Clarity. With our range of comfortable pregnancy bolsters, we can nurture and support your growing body as new life evolves, providing restorative massage to best support growing bub and your precious body. Easing aching hips, changing posture and lifestyle. Find out more here.


Myofascial Release

A gentle technique incorporating long stretching strokes to release tension in the fascia/connective tissue of the body. A gentle but effective technique to alleviate restriction and assist in movement of soft tissue.

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