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We were SO thrilled to receive this amazing and unexpected gift from Emilia Petherbridge, one of our cherished long-term Clarity clients, who wanted to share her experiences with us in a way which was a little different from your ‘standard’ review.

We absolutely adore it, and wonder if Emilia’s wonderful words might resonate with you, too? Please let us know if they do! (…..and by all means, we still love ‘standard’ reviews which you can leave here !😆)

I commissioned a digital artist to calligraphise (…is that a word?) her amazing words, which you can feel free to download from below if you feel drawn to.

Thank you, Emilia; this means so much ❤️


These interactions
Poured goodness
A glow into my heart
Filled in cracks
That I couldn’t heal myself
Hands opened
And helped me cross
Turned into bridges
Stepping into
New yet
Old terrain
The cool earth
Morning chatter
And nods
Together we are welcoming
This day
Birds sing overhead
I look up taking in spring
Dappled sunlight
Sweet air
How I’ve missed this
I’ve missed this so much

I come back
Feeling overwhelmed
At the tracks I’ve made
Real possibilities
I’m holding back
Or steady
To tip the balance
Too far
Too deep
Down the rabbit hole
Darkness descends
So I waitFace the moon and stars
Hand over my heart
For its beautiful beating
that we kept moving

Look back dear one
Take a look
at what you thought
was impossible
You met kind souls
Generous and gentle
Who saw your invisibility
a tired smile
You were held
Until you could walk again
And walk my dear
You did.

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