From MT to MD – Sarah’s Changing Role

Clarity Wellness Managing Director Sarah Watson standing at front door

The growth & change of Sarah (AKA. Mamma Clarity)

To my beloved clients,

This August marks 7 years of running my own business, and 5 years of Clarity Massage & Wellness.

It is absolutely wonderful timing for us to have been named Adelaide’s Best Health & Wellbeing Centre in the 2018 City Awards this week! What an amazing accolade!

As you know, since 2013, Clarity has grown substantially from a team of 3 to an established multi-disciplinary practice of 16+ practitioners with a plethora of services, products, classes & courses.

This year also marks 9 years of my having been a Remedial Massage Therapist, a role which I have absolutely adored. However, these 5 years of growing Clarity has meant a significant change in my role, drive and focus.

Now primarily focused on being Director of this wonderful space, my role is coordinating the 3 main ‘pillars’ of Clarity Wellness Pty Ltd:

  • Clarity Massage & Wellness – Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Facials, Packages, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Naturopathy & Products.
  • Clarity Classes – Yoga, Pilates, Prenatal Classes & Exercise Physiology
  • Clarity Courses & Workshops – Professional Development workshops, courses and seminars for therapists, Special Events and Room Hire.


Whilst I still absolutely love treating clients, I am consistently reminded that I cannot manage it all (…at least not very well!).

In order to successfully continue to manage Clarity (and, importantly, to have better work-life balance) I want to commit more time to business & team development, and to be present & available as a capable director of a growing business.

My drive is more and more towards therapist teaching, training, team development and improvement of our services, products, courses, classes and offerings.

In recent history, when I have reduced my hands-on consult hours to concentrate on these aspects – it has yielded significant growth and improvement of Clarity; and this is something I would really love to see continue.

Thank you, my clients, so much, for coming along on this journey, and for your ongoing support of the vision during this time.

I really appreciate your understanding as I transition into a different role. Whilst I will still be seeing a small number of regular clients – I feel really happy and content with the knowledge that those of you I can no longer treat are in wonderful hands with the Clarity team of therapists who will to continue to take amazing care of you 🙂

I hope that you have gained some benefit and pleasure from the various services and experiences that Clarity has to offer – and I can say with the utmost sincerity that it is your encouragement, support and trust that formed the foundation of it all, and has kept it going!

With deepest gratitude and thanks,


Clarity Admin

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