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N.E.T. (Neuroemotional Technique)

New offering: N.E.T. (Neuroemotional Technique)


Caro AcupunctureDid you know our consulting Acupuncturist Caro Power offers N.E.T. (Neuroemotional Technique) in addition to her suite of services?

N.E.T is a technique used by many practitioners (including chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and psychologists) in order to remove subconscious triggers that may cause anxiety and/or other physical ailments.

The technique is quick, effective and does not involve talking therapy, but instead relies on specific muscle reflexes in order to reset the brain, which has been conditioned to react adversely to certain triggers.

Perhaps you are trying to conceive but have suffered one or more miscarriages, so you may be anxious about being pregnant but not anxious about having a baby. NET can help by removing some of those triggers so you’ll be able to go through your pregnancy without having anxiety around every twinge and worrying about a potential miscarriage. You may have also had a traumatic labour in the past, so perhaps your anxiety isn’t around the pregnancy but about going through labour again, in which case NET can also help to remove those negative subconscious triggers leading up to your birthing experience.

Women’s health has a plethora of possibilities NET can help with; from painful periods, IVF, subfertility, PMS, menopause and painful intercourse, just to name a few.

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