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Our Exercise Physiology Prices

 * Private Health Rebates apply for approved funds, HICAPS machine available for instant claiming.

Initial Consultation (1hr) : $120

Our first session is all about getting to know each other …. I know how romantic! Erin will want to know about you, she wants to understand what is hard for you day to day, what you are frustrated with, what increases your discomfort, and what is stopping you from feeling at your very best.


Erin will also look at how you move by performing very simple tests (that are always within your capabilities) so she can get an understanding of what is working and why something perhaps isn’t.


Based on the information Erin obtains from your first consult she develops a highly personalised program that is focused on your goals, your lifestyle and most importantly where you are currently at. This program is available to you via Physitrack (phone or computer app) that allows you to feel confident in performing your exercises correctly and safely.

Follow Up Consult (40mins) : $80

These sessions can be utalised as a 1:1 training session, a program review or progression. They are also fantastic for fortnightly follow-ups to keep your program progressing and ensure you’re performing exercises correctly. The most popular option as it allows enough time for a review of your program, exercise progression plus a few extra challenges from me!

Extended Follow up (1hr) : $100

This extended follow-up is ideal if you haven’t been in for a while, require a comprehensive program review and update or, if you have some very specific goals you would like to work on with me in a 1:1 fashion.


For example, Erin can tailor a 60 minute session to suit what you want – She has a client she sees weekly for 60-minutes and during that session, they are work on general mobility and muscle recruitment. Then they move into 30-40 minutes of strength and conditioning in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) type work-out. Finally, they finish with balance and proprioception and flexibility. Proof you can fit a lot into 60-minutes – and, the results are fantastic!

Short Follow up (20mins) : $50

These short and to the point follow-ups are great if we are working on something very specific, or you’re really wanting to develop strong understanding and habits with your exercise program. 20-minute follow-ups are best for within a week of your initial consult, and either twice or once weekly to get you up and running. This is where we can spend very focus time of muscle re-training, and getting your technique top notch!

Medicare 45min Appointment : $84.95

You require a Medicare Care Plan referral from your GP (EPC/TCA/CDM), eligible clients can have up to 5 EP sessions under the Medicare scheme per calendar year.
These are 45-minute appointments. There is a GAP fee payable of $32 on the day (the rest is covered by Medicare – $52.95)

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Kathryn Elizabeth
Kathryn Elizabeth
Cannot even express how thankful I am to have found Clarity. From the warm welcome the moment you walk in the door, to the incredible massages I’ve had there, to the nurturing products, there is nothing that has been left out of the Clarity experience. But mostly, to know the heart behind all of these and to FEEL that the whole time you are there - the love and warmth in such a safe and healing space. I cannot recommend enough ❤️read more
Rebecca Urban
Rebecca Urban
Today I had the best massage with Sarah and now enjoying a cup of Clarity tea - so good! See you soon!
Will Kuang
Will Kuang
Send my wife hereShe has nothing but great things to say about the team at Clarity
Rhanee Jane Tsetsakos
Rhanee Jane Tsetsakos
Just spent the last hour with Sarah the amazing owner of Clarity.. strong hands, friendly personality and kind hearted ❤️ I feel like a million bucks! I've found my new thing.. def going to be a loyal regular 💪🏽😍read more
Benjamin Rae
Benjamin Rae
I love almost everything about Clarity. Everyone there is so lovely and welcoming. The services offered are fantastic also well priced. They're professional and very good at what they do, on the odd occasion I've had to see a different practitioner they've picked up right where the previous one left off.One and only ongoing issue, is the disappointing colouring pencils. Otherwise 10/10!read more
Kathleen Mary Klassman
Kathleen Mary Klassman
Katie gave me the best massage I have ever received and I don't say that lightly as a therapist myself. She is so thoughtful with every stroke and puts so much care and love into her massages. I was blown away by how relaxed she made me feel, all while getting into my tight muscles. I'll be coming in again thats for sure! Thank you beautiful <3read more
Nikki Barr
Nikki Barr
Just had my first massage at Clarity and I will be back for sure. The Centre is lovely and welcoming and the staff were all really helpful and friendly.read more
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