Remedial Massage Therapy vs. Massage Therapy – What’s the difference?

massage therapy clarity wellness centreRemedial Massage Therapy vs. Massage Therapy – What’s the difference?


You may espy a new service in our service list: “Massage Therapy”.

Just how does this differ from “Remedial Massage Therapy”? You may well ask! Well, the primary difference is in the qualification of the therapist performing the service…but, let me explain a little further:

A Remedial Massage Therapist, with an Advanced Diploma level qualification (and higher, in many of our therapists instances!) has trained extensively in anatomy and physiology and the art of “remedying” specific injuries and limitations. They will ask you a series of questions in consultation to determine your condition and create a treatment plan, and provide the service as a recognised Private Health service provider (meaning: you can claim on Private Health for the service).

Okay, so, who’s it for?: Fo you, if you have specific issues or injuries like a migraine, sports injury, bursitis, knee pain, stiff neck, jaw pain, lower back pain, sciatica and so on.


A Massage Therapist – still exceptionally adept with palpation skills and the art of manual therapy – is generally a Cert IV qualified practitioner, so may not have the same clinical capacity for treating specific issues and injuries – thus, they are not recognised private health providers and a Massage Therapy consult cannot be claimed on private health.

Okay, so, who’s it for?: Those peeps who would love the opportunity to relax and wind down, and ease generally aching muscles and joints. This service is ideal for those without Private Health cover!


What if I am “just stressed” and want a Remedial Massage?


Without delving into the pervasive and wildly affecting impact stress can have on you – both mentally AND physically (a blog for another time, perhaps!), you can certainly book in for a remedial massage to assist in management of stress and the impacts that is having on your body. Your remedial therapist will discuss with you the impacts this may be having, and create a treatment plan to suit.

What about your “Discounted Remedial Massage” Sessions?


At Clarity, in addition to our magnificent team of long-established and experienced therapists (aka: “Old Hats”), we pride ourselves on offering an inspiring place of work and professional development for young, newly qualified therapists.

The Clarity environment; with our varied practitioners in different areas of health, provides an excellent and supportive space for new Remedial Massage Therapists (RMT) to ‘cut their teeth’, hone their skills and develop their specialisation – all the while learning from other therapists in varied fields. It is a truly “holistic” professional space!

When a RMT has qualified, it can take some time to go through the administrative malarky to get all of your private health provider numbers set up, and for that reason, it can be hard for newly qualified therapists to find roles to start out in their profession.

We believe that it is important to give positive, skilled and enthusiastic therapists an opportunity to work and share their amazing touch with those in need, and as such, you may from time to time see “Discounted Remedial Massage” services in our service list: this means that the therapist is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, but simply has not got through the other side of the administration gauntlet to be able to claim on Private Health. We don’t think this should preclude them from gettin’ their mitts on bods and providing excellent health care – and we hope you agree!


Most importantly, qualification or otherwise, it’s imperative that you connect with a therapist who aligns with you, your personality, ethos, needs, aims and goals. We are so proud of the wonderful group of humans who make up the #clarityfamily, and encourage you to get to know them here.


If you have any questions regarding which service would be most suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly admin team on 08 8239 0575, or email hello@claritywellness.com.au.

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