OWP: Cleaning Up Our Oceans

Introducing OceanWaste Plastic (OWP)

When we were considering which products to use in our Organic Facials, we had a list of criteria potential candidates had to me️et. High on the list was a demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability & today we are excited to share with you a new green initiative undertaken by the professional skincare brand we now use & stock: Organic Spa.


From Organic Spa: “Our OWP packaging partners have pioneered the technology and processes to actively remove plastic from the world’s oceans and repurpose it into packaging solutions.  At organicspa we are changing our bottles to reclaimed OWP, helping to contribute to a circular supply chain.  We are now part of a closed-loop system which ensures that instead of being left to float in oceans or collected for landfill, plastic materials are repurposed and reduced, decreasing the reliance on virgin plastics and ensuring significantly less waste is left floating in our earth’s waterways. Every year 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in the oceans (to give you context that is the equivalent of 50 million 500ml water bottles).  Currently, annually, 1400 tons of OWP is being collected from oceans and reused.  This number will only increase. By using OWP instead of virgin plastic we are also reducing the amount of CO2 emissions by 60% compared with production of virgin plastics, along with an 85% reduction in energy use in the production process.  It’s win-win all-round!”

This announcement follows on from Organic Spa’s existing sustainable practices including, but are not limited to the following;


+ Biodegradable tubes

+ 100% recyclable bottles

+ Recycled paper and bags

+ Solar powered facility insuring products are manufactured by the sun 

+ Encouraging more organic farming practices

+ Supporting local farms & suppliers wherever is possible

+ Excess cardboard & packaging is offered to community services


To learn more about our Facials & Packages incorporating this amazing range of products, head here.

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