The 5 Top Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Massage

The 5 Top Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Massage


In my years of practice as a Remedial Therapist I have heard hundreds of massage horror stories; some of which are absolutely hilarious, and others, which are absolutely horrifying!

Have you ever booked a massage at a place which, at first glance, appeared decent: reasonably priced and conveniently located; only to have an experience which left you battered and uncared for, perplexed about what actually just happened or worse, merely smeared with a potent smelling lotion and sent on your way after a hard sell of products?

The above scenarios are common tales from many clients! Not all therapists are created equally, so I would like to offer 5 simple questions that you should consider before committing your very special, unique body to the hands of any old therapist.


Are they qualified? Like much of the complimentary health industry, ‘Massage’ falls under the category of ‘unregistered’. This unfortunately means that more or less anyone can put up massage sign and attest to being highly skilled. Be sure to check on their website, advert, pamphlet or flyer that they have Remedial Qualifications and identify with a professional association. It is protocol for these certifications to be displayed in the clinic, so keep your eyes peeled for pretty diplomas dotted along the walls!


Are they private health providers? In order to maintain private health provider status, Remedial Massage Therapists must maintain a required amount of professional development and adhere to strict guidelines on treatment protocols, note taking,


What are you going for? Be clear on what the issue is you are going to attend massage for, this may be simply a general feeling of stress or malaise right up to a 5c sized pain on the right side of your knee – different issues call for different types of treatment, so you must ensure your needs are met. Information on the therapists or clinic’s website should indicate that they are able to meet them.


Are they able to answer your questions about treatment? Ongoing education, communication and support is important in the client-practitioner relationship, it is important to find a practitioner who listens to your concerns and is able to adequately answer any questions you may have (this will be indicated when asking question 4!)


Do they have testimonials or reviews? Having done your own research and decided that this place sounds like the one for you, have a check to see what others have thought. Whilst it is true that you never really know til you go, there are lots of sites now which allow clients to give full and honest reviews on their experience.

Remedial Massage is a wonderful way to care for your body, manage aches and pains, support physical activity and of course to wind down and de-stress. It can be such an important addition to your lifestyle, when applied by folk in the know 😉

Sarah Watson

Managing Director

Clarity Wellness Centre

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