Are you afraid of male massage therapists?

Last week we put it to you on social media: how do you feel about booking in with a male massage therapist?

The online response was overwhelmingly – great! No problems! Yet in practice we regularly hear the opposite. Only female therapists please!

With utter respect for religious & personal beliefs, we want to gently dispel the myths about male practitioners (and encourage you to come & see ours!)

Myths about male massage.

Think there’s something embarrassing or awkward about getting a massage from a guy?

The truth is, Remedial Massage is a clinical, scientific & evidence-based therapy, no matter who’s providing it. Just like Physio or Chiropractic, it’s intended to help you heal & perform at your peak.

While ‘massage’ may attract unfortunate associations (popular culture & film have a lot to answer for) here at Clarity, it means one thing: specialised treatment.

And you can even keep your clothes on! (Read Sarah’s myth-busting article, here).

We provide tailored support for injury, prevention, performance enhancement & stress reduction.

And the best part? Practitioner gender is irrelevant.

What REALLY matters to providing the best treatment ever?

Qualifications, empathy, experience & commitment to lifelong learning.

That’s what we look for in a Clarity therapist – and we’re picky about it.

Enter: Joseph Ellis.

Joseph is an expert in his field, helping clients heal from pain & injury with remarkable results. He’s also studying Physiotherapy, adding to his knowledge of the human body, how it works, and how to make it better.

Basically, he’s brilliant at what he does.

If you suffer from sports-related injury, acute or chronic pain, neck & shoulder issues or general discomfort, Joseph can help.

Book in to see him by heading online, here. And now that we’re in our spacious new clinic, there’s even more appointments available. Happy days!

The final word

Not everyone feels comfortable with a male practitioner. No sweat; we understand.

But if you’re on the fence, why not take a moment to interrogate your preference? Is it a Hollywood byproduct? Or could you benefit from seeing a remedial therapist – of any gender – to keep your body working at it’s peak?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments, or by sending us an email. We always love to hear from you!

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