Delish Dukkah!

Hazelnut Dukkah


Today, Clarity Remedial Massage Therapist Katie inspires us with her delicious (+ very popular!) dukkah recipe:


This recipe makes a fairly large batch, mostly because I end up giving away more than we use at home (this fact is not always entirely endorsed by my husband, he loooves his olive oil and dukkah! Haha!) So you may want to halve these quantities.


I’m all for free-styling and putting your personal stamp on a recipe, so consider the following the foundations and start tapping into your culinary creative side!


Happy Dukkah dipping/spreading/sprinkling! 😉


*Note*An important part of making this does require you to toast the spices seperately- one flavour at a time in the pan. Trust me. Don’t skip this info and chuck all in and toast the spices together- it changes the flavour and won’t be worth it!



250-300g Hazelnuts

1 cup Cumin

1/2 cup Fennel seeds

1 cup Coriander Seeds

I tsp salt (or more to taste if you like)

1/2 cup Nigella Seeds

1 cup Sesame

A generous portion of freshly ground black pepper


You will need

Frying pan

Mortar & pestle

Food processor or blender

mixing bowl

tea towel for rubbing off hazelnut skins

Jars to storage



First of all, toast the hazelnuts in a hot frying pan (no oil), keep moving around so they brown but don’t burn. remove from heat, pour into a clean, laid out tea towel on a work top. Rub the hazelnuts in the tea towel to remove most of the skins, set aside to cool.

Start toasting your spices of Cumin, Fennel, Coriander individually! Be sure to toast without burning over a medium heat. Once aromatic, set each aside to cool slightly. I use the same pan, toasting one flavour at a time.

If any of the spices look burnt, sift out the burnt ones, they will just taste bitter instead of delicious!

Toast the sesame seeds also

Blitz the cooled hazelnuts in a food processor or blender into fine crumbs

Using a mortar & pestle, ground each spice until powdery. Add each to the mixing bowl along with the hazelnuts, salt and ground black pepper. Add the Nigella seeds and sesame seeds.

Serve on toast with goats curd and avo, sprinkle on poached or scrambled eggs, use as a dip with olive oil and soft or toasted Turkish bread… the possibilities are endless!

In an airtight container, this could last for a month or so (Good luck with trying to have in in your cupboard that long!)



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