Why we should #BeCrueltyFree

Today we welcome our magnificent skin-magicians from Organic Spa, to teach us all about Why we should #BeCrueltyFree


Organic Facial at Clarity Wellness North AdelaideIn Australia we continue to import cosmetics tested on animals, even though such procedures are both cruel and unnecessary.

#BeCrueltyFree Australia believes that testing the ingredients of cosmetics on living creatures is completely unnecessary and that it is time Australia joined a growing number of countries by banning this practices.

organicspa is very proud to be part of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), an independent, non-profit organisation based in Australia, which produces the Choose Cruelty Free List (CCF List) and actively campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products.

In the early nineties, few consumers were aware their cosmetics were tested on animals. Today most Australians know about animal testing and they want it banned. The #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign is a partnership between Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International that is calling on the Government to make Australia the next country that says no to cruel cosmetics.

Without a comprehensive legal ban, there is nothing to prevent cosmetics animal testing taking place here in Australia, or overseas during the development of products sold in our shops. Such bans are already in place in more than 30 countries globally. A ban in Australia would be good for animals, consumers, and science, and it’s what the overwhelming majority of Australian citizens want.

We hope that the sale of animal-tested cosmetics is banned soon. organicspa is a proud supporter of this campaign. All our products are tested on our staff and stockist in Australia and around the world to ensure you are getting safe and effective skincare. It’s time to put Australia on the map as a country that says NO to cosmetics cruelty.

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