Improving Your Posture

Improving Your Posture

So much of our lives nowadays are at our desk, over a counter, in meetings….and all of these create tension – namely in our back and necks. Poor posture can be to blame for a large number of these pain cases, but how can massage help with posture?

I often find myself repeating the phrase “All of life is in front of us” when explaining why a large majority of clients we see have a tendency to be restricted in the same areas of our shoulders. The demands of our everyday lives mean that repetitive tasks like computer work forces some muscles to work very hard for extended periods of time, while other muscles get weaker and weaker, making it much harder to get into “good” posture.

Some bad habits are really hard to break, but poor posture is one than can be really effectively improved through remedial massage. A skilled Clarity therapist will work to release your sore muscles, allowing to body to reinforce healthy, natural movements. Regular massage treatments, in addition to some simple home exercises, will loosen restricted muscles, relax joints and relieve any pressure/trigger points. This means that your body is free to position itself into a healthier posture, avoiding those postural positions which had been created as a reaction to pain.

Massage will help you get the most out of other activities to help your posture too, such as: yoga, pilates and stretching (all of which we offer here)

We would love to have the opportunity to help improve your posture. Click here to book a consult with one of our highly trained therapists, or give us a call on 8239 0575 to speak with our friendly admin team.

Yours in health & wellness,

Sarah Watson, Managing Director

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