Naturopathy at Clarity!

What is a Naturopath & how do we help?

If you’re not entirely sure what a Naturopath is – and hold a vague image of a cloaked and warty sorcerer – you’d be surprised to know we’ve ditched the capes in favour of suits! In fact, Naturopaths & Herbalists are professionally recognized health care practitioners, working with individuals, corporations, firms, medical doctors, sporting teams and an array of modalities to offer holistic health solutions.

Naturopathy is a system of health care that honours the body’s ability to heal – gently, naturally & without harmful intervention. We wart-free witches look at the person as a whole; a wonderfully complex being who can’t be whittled down to isolated, mechanical parts. Rather, we seek the underlying imbalance – disequilibrium on the physical, emotional or spiritual plane (often, all three). We don’t ‘treat’ named diseases; instead we support the restoration of balance. This is always tailored to the individual.

Who comes to see a Naturopath?

You’d be surprised! Nobody’s excluded from natural therapies and a large percentage of Australians seek regular Naturopathic care. Everyone from babies to the elderly to teenagers to sportspeople may enlist the support of a qualified Naturopath.

What are we on about?

We champion preventative medicine, living vibrantly (not just disease-free), environmental awareness, education, sustainable lifestyle changes, exceptional nutrition, inter-generational health & the healing power of nature.

Conditions that may benefit from a Naturopathic consultation:

  • Feeling ‘not quite right’
  • Digestive symptoms
  • Niggling, unresolved bodily symptoms
  • Chronic, unresolved health issues
  • Dissatisfaction with previous health care; not enough time, thoughtfulness, consideration, options.
  • Skin complaints
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Energy and mood disorders
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Malnutrition
  • Dietary confusion
  • Parasites & infections
  • No condition at all! But a desire to learn how food & lifestyle can form the basis of an exceptional existence.

What happens during and after a consult?

  • We exchange friendly banter
  • I gather as much information as I can about you as a unique entity. We discuss your individual needs & concerns.
  • You’re afforded the time and space to ask questions, hear my suggestions and actively engage in creating a plan – you’re the one doing the healing, after all!
  • I may prescribe an herbal tonic, tea or other select (and always high-quality) supplements to assist your body to do its thing.
  • We communicate throughout the process, reassessing and tweaking prescriptions along the way.
  • You gradually become more informed, more aware and more in charge of your own health – for life.

Catie Payne NP
Clarity Massage and Wellness Centre

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