Kelly’s Overseas Adventures!

Kelly’s Overseas Adventures

Read on to find out all about Kelly’s recent adventures in India & Cambodia!

I have recently returned from a trip to India and Cambodia. My husband is Indian, so we go to India every year to visit family & friends. We were especially busy on this trip as my husband also combines it with work & he had to visit many different places!
First stop was New Delhi where I got to hang out with my sister in law. In between eating samosas & drinking chai, we visited the lotus temple which reminded me a lot of the Opera house with the big white dome or lotus ‘petals’. It was a beautifully serene place where you could mediate, sit in prayer or just in silence. After this was Swaminarayan Akshardham, which is a breathtakingly beautiful temple, intricately carved out of sandstone. Every single surface was carved, it was truly out of this world! Nothing exists in Australia like this!

Next stop was my husband’s hometown in the north where we got to spend time with my inlaws, see friends & simply relax. I got to do yoga every morning with the yoga instructor that comes to their house! How great would that be to have?!
From here we visited Jaipur in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is truely beautiful & is the ‘India’ that most people envision in their minds. It is a land of desert but filled with so much richness – the palaces reminiscent of treasures & king’s tales; holy places with ancient temples and all filled with the jingle jangle of women’s jewellery, the sparkle of the traditional clothes & the heat of the food! A must visit if you ever go to india!
Then it was onto Bangalore in the south, a place I’d never been. It was fun to explore new lands & I had adventures in the palaces & markets. The south is more tropical than the north so we feasted on coconut based curries on banana leaves. It was such a treat!

Mumbai rounded off our India trip. Mumbai is truly a vibrant city! So much happening there at every hour of the day. It is a real melting pot of all the different parts of India & it embraces the modern world yet clings to its ancient roots at the same time.
Next stop was Cambodia, a corner of the world that we have never stepped foot in. The temples of Angkor are simply mind blowing. They are up there in the same arena as the Taj Mahal & Egypt’s pyramids. They stand majestically against the skyline of Cambodia from a time that was so completely different to this one; it felt almost like the walls could whisper ancient secrets. We spent a few days soaking up the magic of the temples before heading down south to relax & unwind by the ocean before heading back home.
After being away for almost a month, it’s great to be back home & we definitely missed our fur babies! After the heat & humidity I am thoroughly enjoying this gloriously fresh, crisp air & the clear blue skies of Australia. India awaits now until we return next year:-)

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