Clarity Products: Sacred Herbals High Vibe Cacao – Elixir of The Dark Moon

Clarity Products: Sacred Herbals High Vibe Cacao – Elixir of The Dark Moon


Allow your soul to rest in the dark, winter moon phase, as you enjoy this nurturing, nourishing blend. Let go of what no longer serves you, to reveal the new you.

As you step into Winter, or the Dark Moon phase, it is a time for deep reverence. Taking stock of our lives, and letting go of what no longer serves us. Just as the leaves begin to change and then shed, so to do the seasons of our lives. Without Winter, we cannot begin to blossom in Spring. We need to let go of the beliefs, people, things, ideas that no longer serve our lives, so that we can move into a new phase of our lives, blossoming.

Winter or the Dark Moon, is all about nurturing and nourishing our bodies and souls, allowing time to rest and renew. Preparing us for our time to shine. It’s a time for hibernation and personal space.

Preparation: add one or two teaspoons of elixir to warm or cold plant milks, smoothies, or any recipe that calls for cacao for a delicious mind, body and soul healing tonic.

Certified Organic Ingredients (powder): Raw Cacao, Maca, Premium Japanese Matcha* and Mesquite. *non-organic ingredient

A cacao range unlike any other. These blends have been created after spending months in Cacao Ceremony, working with the energy of this incredible plant medicine. Drawing inspiration and intuition for the blends from this heart opening medicine, in deep meditation.

Each blend has been created for a moon phase, a season, in flow with your cycle (if you’re a woman ?), or anytime you feel like a cacao elixir. Choose your favourite, or drink them all. Drink them in line with the moon phase or seasons, or whichever one you feel inspired to drink. The choice is yours.

Each blend has been created with the highest frequency herbs, with alchemy the intent.

Hand made in Australia, using local & imported certified organic ingredients. Store in a cool, dry place, in an airtight container.


RRP $39.95 – In store now!

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