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Winter Class Timetable

Clarity Classes to keep you motivated this winter…

It’s cold, dark, gloomy & totally uninspiring to pop your sneakers on & get your daily movement happening… Never fear! Here are our top tips to keep you moving for the next few months (plus our latest classroom offerings to keep you moving well & feeling fab!):



Planning your movement for the week when your motivation is high puts you in good stead for actually following through. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably be waiting for a while if you’re banking on inspiration to hit mid-week! Having everything mapped out & booked in beforehand means there’s one less obstacle to overcome when it’s time to move.



book online classesOPT FOR A RECURRING BOOKING

Go one step further & request a recurring booking for your favourite classes so you have all the hard work done & have something in your diary each week to look forward to. If we’re craving anything at this time in the world, it’s the comfort of regularity & routine!



bring a friendBUDDY UP

Moving with a friend keeps you accountable, pushing you both to exercise when you may lose motivation apart. It’s more difficult to cancel on a friend than to just decide not to go yourself. Plus, bonus coffee catch-ups post-class!




reward yourself


See above!  If coffee’s not your jam then reward yourself with something else you find pleasurable post-class (though, really, movement is a reward in itself, no? )





Why move? We might all have different reasons for coming to class, but one thing’s for sure, movement makes you feel good! Physical activity may help bump up the production of your brain’s ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters, endorphins. Furthermore, exercising has also been found to stimulate the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, & serotonin – all of which play an important part in regulating your mood. Yes, please, to that!



We have a range of classes on offer in our cosy studio space:


yoga adelaideYin Yoga with Emily

Wednesdays @ 7.00pm (60 minutes) BOOK HERE

Yin yoga is the perfect complementary practice to our often busy, fast-paced ‘Yang’ way of life. Floor-based asanas (postures) are held for prolonged periods (2-5minutes), targeting, and stressing the deeper layers of connective tissue. Suitable for beginners with a basic level of mobility, through to the advanced practitioner. Yin yoga invites you to cultivate stillness, leading you into deep enquiry and bringing about a renewed state of balance.



restorative yoga adelaideRestorative Yoga with Katie

Thursdays @ 6.30pm (60 minutes) BOOK HERE

Restorative yoga is a practice of inner healing & is all about slowing down & sinking into lusciously restful positions, while being fully supported by props, such as bolsters, blocks & blankets. Each position lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes, allowing your muscles time to relax fully, & your nervous system to find balance.



pilates yoga adelaidePilates/Yoga Fusion with Julia

Tuesdays @ 8.00am (50 minutes) & Saturdays @ 8.00am (50 minutes) BOOK HERE

Why practice Pilates OR yoga, when you can do both? This is a fun whole-body fusion class for those seeking new ways to move. We work from the centre out, moving through a series of stretching & strengthening exercises designed to build strong & supple bodies. We start with foundational movements & build on layers of challenge, allowing you to work at your own level. We take time to connect mind-body-breath & invite you to explore & experience the subtleties of each exercise. You’ll leave class feeling rebalanced, revitalised & ready to flow through your day with greater ease & contentment.


yoga adelaideYoga For Women’s Health with Amnys

Wednesdays @ 9.30am (60 minutes) & Fridays @ 9.30am (60 minutes) BOOK HERE

As women are cyclic by nature, these classes are designed to move with the rhythm of the moon as a guide reflective of our own cycle. Classes will move though active, dynamic or alignment focus, to restorative & gentle self care sequences. We explore ways to use yoga to support whatever phase of life you are in, helping with women’s health issues & encouraging connection with your own inner wisdom. 

yoga adelaideVintage 55+ Yoga with Amnys

Wednesdays @ 10.45am (60 minutes) & Fridays @ 10.45am (60 minutes) BOOK HERE

For the well-aged body, this is the class for you! These classes are ideal for 55+ vintage beginners as they are gentle, slow, & mindful. Classes are designed to increase balance, build muscle strength, improve joint health, & lift the spirit. Modifications are made with the use of props so that we meet you where your body is, enabling you to gain the wonderful health benefits of yoga.

prenantal yoga adelaidePrenatal Yoga with Kelly, Emily & Sarah N

Tuesdays 10.00am (75 mins) | Mondays 6.30pm (60 mins) | Wednesdays 5.30pm (60 mins) BOOK HERE

A class specifically tailored to support you on your journey to motherhood. Learn breathing & relaxation techniques & build strength, flexibility & endurance of muscles needed during labour. It is safe to attend from 12 weeks & over.

yoga adelaideMums & Bubs Yoga with Kelly

Tuesdays 11.30am (60 mins) BOOK HERE

Reconnect to your body & breath after birth, regain flexibility & strength, & connect with other mums in a friendly & supportive environment.



adelaide pilatesMums & Bubs Mat Pilates with Kos

Thursdays @ 11.30am (50 minutes) BOOK HERE

Reconnect to your body & breath after birth, regain flexibility & strength, & connect with other mums in a friendly & supportive environment.



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