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Meet your therapists – Tanya Dakiniewicz

At Clarity, we believe that expert, highly-effective therapy should feel great, too: Snug. Welcoming. Nurturing. Holistic. There’s no reason that cosy can’t coexist with science – and we’re out to prove it! The same goes for our practitioners. They’re anatomy & physiology nerds – who happen to be fun, friendly and brilliant people, too. Want to meet them? ‘Course you do! Today, we chat to Tanya – resident Remedial Massage Therapist and bold believer in doing what you love (not what’s expected of you). She shares her approach to massage, life and butts. Read her interview, below!

Hey Tanya! How would you describe your remedial massage style?

A firm but nurturing touch. I love working on lower backs and necks, and am especially suited to people who want to get rid of pesky points – but also feel nurtured (not battered!). I ask of every client: how is ‘X problem’ affecting your life and how can we improve it?’

What’s one of your core beliefs about massage?

That you don’t need to be presenting with a specific problem to book in for a massage! It’s an appointment that also supports your mental health, wellbeing and general mindfulness. It’s not compulsory to be broken!

What motivates you to treat people?

I love that people are always so thankful and grateful. The ultimate reward is seeing my clients improve and feel better.

Personally, I find massage meditative and relaxing – which is a huge plus!

What inspired you to practice remedial massage?

I distinctly remember a conversation I had with a co-worker (back when I used to work in an office) that triggered me to reconsider my career. He had ended up under a coffee table rocking back and forth from the stress of corporate/cubicle life, and had the realisation – it doesn’t have to be this way! With my own adrenal fatigue and anxiety – and a bad case of working for the weekend – I decided that I didn’t want to live like that anymore.

I started focusing on things that brought me joy, and ended up taking a short course in remedial massage. I immediately loved it and signed up to learn more, straight away.

This philosophy also enters the treatment room. I enjoy helping my clients discover what they love to do, and encouraging them to pursue it. How can you have more fun & experience more joy in what you’re doing?

What are your OMG I’VE SAID THIS 100 TIMES suggestion that you give to clients?

Stop and breathe! Take time to stretch your body, while incorporating the breath. Use a foam roller. Practice mindfulness. Slowly get to know what’s happening in your own body. Embrace peace and calm, and prioritise taking time out for yourself.

We glorify being busy and don’t take time for ourselves. Make it a practice. Stop pushing forward – your body is getting left behind.

Do you have a funny practitioner/client story?

I see people’s butts all the time! Which isn’t funny at all, but people sometimes feel awkward about it. You shouldn’t! I touch them all day and it’s totally fine.

This goes for all remedial therapists: we don’t look at your body for it’s flaws. We’re interested in what’s going on underneath, and how we can help you feel better.

I love making people feel at ease, and actually act silly on purpose to help clients get comfortable!

Oh, I do have a funny story!

One of the tracks that came up on my ‘gentle acoustic’ playlist during a session was actually pretty gruesome, when my client and I tuned into the lyrics. We could both hear the words clearly during a moment of zen, and said to each other – um, is this song about a serial killer? AWKWARD! We had a good laugh. Ooops!

Do you have any favourite ways of making the treatment space calm and snuggly?

Speaking of music, we don’t really play ‘spa’ music at Clarity. The running water/generic spa music can be frustrating! I like to pop on gentle acoustic or folk – which gets really good feedback. People get lost in the lyrics.

What’s your #1 post-session tip for clients to make the most of their treatment?

Check-in with your body post-treatment. Ask – can I feel a noticeable benefit? What’s changed? I want you to feel like massage is doing you meaningful good. That’s what you’re here for, after all – to notice a difference!

What three things are you grateful for today?

  1. Gus – my doggie!
  2. Avocados and cheese (specifically: ashed goats cheese and a nice stinky washed rind).
  3. My loving husband & family.

Tell us about your quirks and hobbies.

I love to reupholster vintage chairs. I’m obsessed with mid-century furniture and am trying to deck out house entirely in that.

I also really enjoy pilates, yoga and getting my body moving so I’m practicing what I preach, and doing what feels good for my body (so I can best take care of others)

In general, I try to live by my mantra of a balanced life. I don’t want to be too ‘busy’, instead, always having time for people who I want to spend with and care about.

A few friends and I run a breakfast club, checking out all the breakfast joints in Adelaide – which is a tasty pursuit!

What’s your favourite thing about Clarity?

Knowing that every client is in really good hands – and can find solutions to their problems with ease. Because all our therapists have different skills and specialties, we can refer clients to another practitioner if we think they’ll receive more benefit (instead of sending them off on a wild clinic/practitioner goose chase).

For example, someone might really need Acupuncture or Naturopathy instead of or before remedial massage. It’s all under one roof and we believe in looking after everyone in the same special Clarity way. Our team is amazing!

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and approach Tanya!

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